A Lifetime of Dental Health [Infographic]

Dental care is a lifelong process, and your needs change as you age. Parents should start making oral hygiene a part of their kids' lives right away by gently cleaning their gums with a soft washcloth. Brushing can begin as soon as teeth start emerging. Don't wait to establish pediatric dental care—even though baby teeth fall out, caring for them is still crucial. In adulthood, it's all about maintaining good oral hygiene habits and seeing your family dentist twice yearly so any problems you do have can be caught in their early, treatable stages. Seniors need to pay special attention to any changes in their dental statuses caused by disease or medication. In this infographic, Hampton Family Dentistry of Middletown & Walden, a Middletown family dentistry practice, explains how you can keep good dental health for life. Share this information with your family and friends to help them plan for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Dental Health Infographic Hampton Family Dentistry Middletown

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