Exploring the Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can happen to anyone, but it is especially important to have a relationship with a periodontist serving Middletown or Walden if you have certain risk factors. Also commonly known as gum disease, periodontal disease is progressive and highly destructive when left untreated. You are in a higher risk category for developing periodontal disease if any of the following are true:

You Are a Tobacco User
Any type of tobacco use puts you at risk for a number of health complications, including periodontal disease. Smoking and chewing tobacco can damage the tissues of the gums over time, in addition to discoloring your teeth. Simply quitting the habit can reduce your risk significantly. Talk to your dentist or primary care physician about ways to quit if you’re having trouble.

You Are Genetically Predisposed
While there are many ways you can protect your oral health, some people are simply susceptible due to genetics. For these people, periodontal disease can be avoided or controlled, but it may require Periodontist in Middletownspecialized care from a periodontist and extra effort at home.

You Have Certain Diseases or Take Certain Prescription Medications
Any illness, disease, or medication that alters the way your body and immune system function has the potential to create periodontal issues. Diabetes and AIDS are two conditions that significantly increase your risk. The treatments for these and other conditions can also wreak havoc on your gums, making it something of a double-edged sword. If your condition or treatment seems to be aggravating your gums, speak to your periodontist and doctor about alternative medications and treatments that may have fewer side effects, as well as about oral care techniques that can minimize the damage.

You Are a Woman of Childbearing Age
Women are in a higher risk category for periodontal disease than men simply because of hormones. Fluctuations in hormone levels can increase the sensitivity of gums to irritants or changes in the mouth. The risk goes up even more during puberty and pregnancy, when hormone levels fluctuate significantly.

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