Meet Dr. Jeffrey J. Kim

Patients should always feel comfortable when visiting their dentists or orthodontists. Learning about your orthodontist is a simple yet effective way to ensure that you feel comfortable starting from your very first meeting! When you schedule an appointment at Hampton Family Dentistry, you can meet with our resident orthodontist Dr. Jeffrey J. Kim.

Dr. Jeffrey Kim Middletown

Dr. Kim got his start at the University of Maryland Dental School, followed by training at Columbia University. He then worked for Columbia University, serving as an Assistant Clinical Professor in Restorative Dentistry. Today, Dr. Kim specializes in helping children and their parents learn about the habits that can lead to misaligned teeth, hoping to stop these habits before they cause permanent damage. Visiting Dr. Kim can help stop damaging habits, potentially reducing a child’s need for braces in the future.

Whether they want to find ways to stop teeth from being misaligned or discover the right straightening solution for their current smile, patients can always feel comfortable when meeting with Dr. Kim!

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