How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Contrary to popular belief, taking care of your child’s baby teeth is important. Although adult teeth will replace them in the future, allowing baby teeth to become diseased can cause problems with the way adult teeth grow and be painful for your child. Baby bottle tooth decay is one of the most common—and most preventable—problems seen by dentists. Talk to your child’s pediatric dentist near Middletown for help if you think your child has tooth decay. These tips can help prevent it.

Pediatric Dentist Meddletown

Practice Bottle Smarts
Your baby’s bottle should never be filled with anything except formula, water, milk, or electrolyte mixes if your child has diarrhea. Never fill it with soft drinks or other sugary beverages. If you put your child to bed with a bottle, only fill it with water. Giving a bottle with milk at bedtime will bathe your baby’s gums and teeth in sugar throughout the night, promoting tooth decay . Never dip the tip of a bottle or a pacifier into anything sweet. If your baby is accustomed to drinking sweet drinks from his or her bottle and struggles with the change, dilute his or her favorite drink gradually until you transition to 100% water.

Clean Your Baby’s Gums
You don’t have to wait for your baby’s teeth to come in to start practicing good oral hygiene. Gently clean his or her gums with a soft gauze or washcloth after eating. This practice will help your baby become accustomed to having his or her mouth cleaned while helping to keep gums healthy. As soon as baby teeth come in, start brushing them without toothpaste.

Consult a Pediatric Dentist
Your baby should start receiving pediatric dental care by his or her first birthday and should have regular pediatric dentist appointments after that. Be sure to report any concerns about your baby’s teeth to the pediatric dentist right away.

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