The Truth Behind Gum Disease Myths

Gum disease is highly prevalent in modern society, and yet so many people are unaware of how serious it can be—if they are aware that it exists at all. For those who have heard the term, many have false information stemming from a variety of myths surrounding the topic. So, to set the record straight, talk to your periodontist serving Middletown and take look at these myths and the truths behind them.

Myth: I’ll only get gum disease if I don’t brush my teeth. Periodontist in Middletown
While twice daily brushing and once daily flossing, along with regular visits to the dentist, are certainly high on the list of ways to prevent gum disease, poor oral hygiene is not the only cause or risk factor. In particular, lifestyle choices such as tobacco use, maintaining a poor diet, and even staying under a lot of stress can contribute greatly to gum disease. There are also individuals who seem to have a genetic predisposition to develop the condition.

Myth: It’s normal for my gums to bleed a little every now and then when I brush.
This is less of a myth and more of an outright lie. Bleeding gums are never normal. While circumstances other than gum disease may cause your gums to bleed, such as overly aggressive brushing, gum disease is by far the most common cause. Even if they don’t bleed, if your gums are at all swollen, red, or sensitive, you should schedule an appointment with a periodontist right away to determine the cause.

Myth: I’ve already lost my teeth to gum disease, so there’s no point in seeing the dentist anymore.
Whether you’ve lost one tooth or all your teeth, all hope is not lost and your gum health is still incredibly important. As long as your gums are healthy, a periodontist may be able to give you a new lease on your smile with dental implants. Even if you choose not to get implants, however, it’s important to note that healthy gum tissue is still needed to support dental fixtures such as dentures, as well as any remaining teeth you might have.

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