A Guide to Your Dental Exam

If you’ve booked an appointment for your first dental exam at a dental office near Middletown or Walden, you may be wondering what to expect. Receiving professional dental care and dental cleanings from your dentist, and maintaining a regular dental hygiene routine at home, are crucial in order to avoid serious dental problems like tooth decay, discoloration, tooth loss, and gum disease. Before visiting your new family dentist, take a look at this guide to your upcoming dental exam.

Provide Your Dentist With Your Medical and Dental Care History
Before your dental exam begins, your dentist will need a complete history of your medical and dental care. This includes any current or past medical or dental issues, a list of medications that you’re taking, information about your allergies, the Dental Office Near Middletown date of your last dental office visit, information about previous medical or dental surgeries, and details about any current symptoms you’re experiencing. All of this information is necessary for your dentist to ensure that you’re receiving the best dental care possible.

Undergo a Complete Dental and Oral Evaluation
After taking your history, your dentist will give you a complete dental and oral evaluation. He will check your teeth, mouth, face, jaw, and neck for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, bone deterioration, and other conditions and diseases. He may take X-rays or other diagnostic images to thoroughly check your teeth, jaw, and bite for problems. If your dentist discovers any problems during this evaluation, he will work with you to develop a comprehensive dental care plan. In serious cases, this dental care may include tooth fillings, tooth extraction, or dental surgery.

Receive Professional Dental Cleaning and Dental Hygiene Tips
After your evaluation, your dentist or dental hygienist will perform a professional dental cleaning. This dental cleaning includes removing stains, plaque, and tartar from your teeth, cleaning your teeth thoroughly with a professional dental care tool, flossing your teeth, and possibly having you rinse with fluoride or medicated mouthwash. Your dentist will also demonstrate proper dental hygiene techniques for you to use at home to maintain your dental care.

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