Dealing with Jaw Pain During a Dentist Visit

Temporomandibular joint disorder, often called TMJ, can cause chronic jaw pain and discomfort associated with eating, speaking, and even visiting your family dentist in Middletown, NJ, for cleanings and other dental procedures. If you experience regular jaw pain, there are several steps you and your dental clinic staff can take to alleviate discomfort and ensure you receive the personalized dental care you need for excellent oral health. jaw - pain

Talk to Your Dentist

One of the easiest ways to avoid jaw pain during visits to your dental office is to simply let your family dentist know that you suffer from TMJ. Once your dentist has this information, he can modify his treatment solutions and scheduling suggestions to ensure you feel more comfortable whenever you visit for regular or targeted dental care. For example, your dentist may recommend scheduling multiple appointments to break up dental work to reduce the chances of jaw pain, such as spreading exams and cleanings over two to four visits to minimize the time you must sit with your mouth open.

Consider Pain Relief Options

There are several ways you can relieve jaw pain associated with dental visits if you suffer from TMJ. Applying hot or cold compresses shortly before your appointment or taking over-the-counter pain relief medication before you arrive at the dental office may help to keep jaw pain from developing or from growing too uncomfortable during your visit. Keep in mind that if you do opt for any of these solutions, it’s still important to let your family dentist know when you arrive so he’ll have all the information he needs before he begins.

Discuss Long-Term Solutions

If jaw pain constantly affects your daily life, including your ability to schedule dental care, it could be time to consider long-term solutions. Your Middletown dentist can help you evaluate options such as orthodontics or oral surgery to correct jaw misalignments and repair damage to the jaw joints. These solutions can provide permanent relief from jaw pain disorders, allowing you to receive dental care without pain and improving your overall quality of life.

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