Should Your Child Have Dental Sealants?

Cavities are a common dental concern for both children and adults. When a cavity occurs, the damaged area of the tooth must be removed and replaced with a tooth filling. However, the best way to treat cavities is to prevent them. Dental sealants are a preventive treatment option available from your family dentist in Middletown, NJ, that can help your child maintain a healthy, cavity-free smile. Sealants consist of a thin, plastic-like coating that is painted onto the chewing surface of the back teeth, where food and bacteria can easily become trapped and form cavities, even with regular pediatric dental care . Children in particular can benefit from dental sealants because they may not yet have developed the tooth brushing skills necessary to prevent decay, even if they brush and floss regularly. Additionally, if your family has a history of cavities, your child might also benefit from dental sealants to offset this risk and complement his visits to your dental clinic for cleanings. If you have questions about dental sealants and their potential benefits of your child, talk to your family dentist for personalized information and recommendations.

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