What to Expect During Scaling and Polishing

Regular dental cleanings are essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. During a teeth cleaning at your dentist’s office, a technician may use several different techniques to help your smile achieve the deepest possible clean. One of the most common deep teeth cleaning techniques used by dentists is called scaling and polishing. A dentist serving Middletown and Walden may suggest that you undergo scaling and polishing during your next routine appointment. If you are wondering what will happen when you sit in the dentist’s chair, here is a look at what you can expect from a scaling and polishing procedure. dentist - visit

Your teeth are scaled with an ultrasonic device.

The first step of scaling and polishing is to fully remove any tartar and plaque that may be resting on the surface of the teeth and gums. The process of loosening and extracting tartar is also known as scaling. To remove large amounts of tartar quickly, your dentist may use an ultrasound device. The ultrasound device will create tiny vibrations, which will naturally release tartar and other types of buildup.

Your dentist carefully removes lingering deposits.

While the ultrasound device is very effective at loosening large deposits of tartar, there may be tartar and plaque deposits that are left behind after the initial scaling procedure. To ensure that your teeth are fully clean, your dentist will use small tools to carefully scrape or pick away particles that have been left behind. These hand tools may also be used to help smooth rough areas on your teeth.

Your teeth are polished to perfection.

After your scaling and cleaning has been completed, your smile will be ready for polishing. Your dentist will use an electric device that features a small cup on the end. This spinning cup is dipped into a prophylaxis paste that will help protect your teeth from decay. Each one of your teeth will be carefully buffed and polished by hand. After your scaling and polishing is complete, you will have a beautiful and fresh smile.

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