Do You Need Antibiotics Before Having Dental Work?

Antibiotic prophylaxis, also known as premedication, before dental work has been a subject of debate for many years, until recently. The belief came from the idea that even a simple dental cleaning could release bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream, causing infections around the body. It was believed that taking antibiotics beforehand could prevent potential infections that might come from in-office dental care in Middletown and Walden .

For the most part, patients do not need to take antibiotics before seeing their dentist. It has been posited that potential side effects from overuse of antibiotics might outweigh unlikely infections that would result from dental cleanings or other dental procedures. Extensive antibiotic use may include nausea, stomachaches, and increased antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

The only patients who should consider premedication are those with a poor immune system. Patients with diabetes, cancer, or predetermined infections in the gums and teeth may benefit from taking antibiotics before certain procedures in their dental office. Patients should always consult their dentist and doctor before beginning medication of any kind.

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