Helping Your Child Cope with Teething

Many parents may not realize their child should see a family dentist near Middletown soon after the first tooth erupts or around the child’s first birthday. The dentist can suggest proper dental care as the baby grows up and her teeth come in. As your child’s teeth continue to erupt, she may feel uncomfortable and her mouth will be sore. This can be a trying time in the family, but there are ways to help her cope while she is teething. baby - teething

Apply Cold to Soothe

Cold is almost always a soothing sensation when something hurts. When your baby or toddler is teething, whether it is her first tooth or last tooth, she will benefit from something cold against her sore gums. You can apply an ice pack to the face, but be sure to remove it after periods of about 15 minutes. You can also give her a cold washcloth to suck on or a popsicle for some added relief.

Use Massage to Comfort

Many dentists will recommend you start massaging a baby’s gums soon after they are born to remove milk buildup and bacteria. You should definitely massage your baby’s gums when a tooth is coming. The gums around the tooth are very sensitive and sore, so massage the area gently to relieve pain. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before and after sticking your finger in your baby’s mouth.

Try Teething Toys

There are many teething toys that help soothe your baby’s sore gums and teeth. Find safe toys that are specifically made for teething babies. Some of these might include freezable toys that offer massage and cooling benefits for the gums. Other products are designed in hard and soft plastic meant to massage and soothe the various areas of a teething child’s mouth. Be aware, there are some products that are not labeled for teething and can potentially be dangerous for your child. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your family dentist for recommendations.

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