When is Tooth Extraction Necessary

Although your adult teeth are designed to be permanent, there are several reasons why your family dentist in Middletown may advise tooth extraction. If you’re worried about losing a tooth, it may help to understand when a tooth needs to be pulled.

An ongoing lack of dental care can result in the need for extraction. If you choose not to regularly visit your family dentist or practice good oral hygiene, your teeth can start to decay. Once a cavity reaches your tooth pulp, it can cause an infection in your jaw that forces your dentist to remove the tooth.

A common reason for tooth extraction is crowded teeth. When a patient’s mouth is too small to hold all of her teeth, some of the adult teeth may become impacted and fail to erupt through the gums. In this case, dentists often advise the removal of the impacted teeth. Similarly, wisdom teeth are frequently removed to avoid crowding the rest of the mouth.

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