What to Know About Dental Care for Babies

Dental care for babies and young children is not much different from adult dental care in Middletown and Walden. However, babies require more attention to help them form necessary dental care habits that will help them as they grow older. If you are unsure of how to care for your baby’s teeth, then consult your family dentist . baby - teeth

It is Necessary

Many people may brush off enforcing dental care in their children’s daily habits, especially in their babies. They may use reasons like, “baby teeth fall out anyway,” or “they barely have teeth, so why worry?” These reasons are incredibly detrimental to your baby’s dental and overall health. As babies ingest their food or suck on their pacifiers and thumbs, they are affecting their mouth in many different ways. Their food is leaving residue on their gums and baby teeth, causing plaque buildup and decay. Sucking on their thumbs can change the shape of their mouth and teeth, possibly causing later orthodontic issues. By seeing a family dentist, you can form healthy habits from the start and catch potential problems before they occur.

You Should See a Dentist After the First Year

Within a few days after birth, you should already be wiping your baby’s gums with a moist gauze to clean off bacteria. As her teeth begin erupting, you will want to see a kid’s or family dentist soon; and you should begin brushing the tooth or teeth, twice a day, with an appropriate baby toothbrush. Your dentist will recommend you use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste when brushing your baby’s teeth. Encourage your baby to not swallow the toothpaste. Once you have seen your dentist, he will recommend a plan of action going forward. This will be in the form of dental exams, fluoride sealants, and dental cleanings. As more teeth begin to emerge, you should floss your child’s teeth. When she becomes a little older, teach and encourage her to care for her teeth on her own. You should still supervise dental care until you are sure she can handle it by herself.

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