A Patient’s Guide to Tooth Fillings

If you have a cavity that you would like to address, you will likely be a candidate for a tooth filling in Middletown or Walden, NY. There is no need to worry about this type of treatment, as it is a safe and routine procedure that any qualified dentist can handle with ease. There are even different types of fillings to choose from, each of which comes with its own pros and cons. Make sure you practice proper aftercare and do what you can to keep your tooth fillings in shape for as long as possible. Here is a patient’s guide to tooth fillings: tooth - fillings

How the Process Works

Once you have met with your dentist and he or she has decided that you need a tooth filling, your dental care professional can get to the process of removing your tooth decay. The procedure will begin with the numbing of the area, and it might include nitrous oxide or another sedative as well. A rubber dam will keep liquid, decay, and tooth chips from falling back into your throat as your professional drills out your decay. Once the decay has been removed, the filling can be placed.

Types of Fillings

Not all fillings are the same. Thanks to modern technology, your dentist can offer you fillings made of all different kinds of materials. Amalgam tends to be popular because it is cheap and easy for dentists to use, but composite resin tooth fillings are better able to match the natural color of your teeth. Although it is more expensive and not as easy to work with, some people choose gold fillings. Ceramics may do an even better job of matching your natural tooth color than composite resin, but they might require multiple appointments.

Factors to Consider

Filling a cavity is a relatively risk-free procedure. Leaving it alone, however, can lead to much more serious dental health issues. Let your dentist know about any heart problems or health issues that he or she might need to know about for optimal safety. You should also make sure you are ready to care for your fillings.

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