How Often Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

Every person’s needs are different from another, and this is indeed the case when it comes to dental care in Middletown and Walden, NY. While you should see your dentist once or twice a year and practice proper dental hygiene every day, how often you get a dental x-ray may be less frequent. People might seek dental x-rays for issues with decay, infection, or even tumors. These do not impact everyone the same way, however, which is why everyone has different needs. Continue reading to find out how often you need dental x-rays.

The frequency with which you need dental x-rays depends on your medical history, your current dental care, and a multitude of other factors. Thus, it could be very different from someone else, even a family member. The only person who can help you get an idea of how often you need a dental x-ray is your dentist. Your dental care professional will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw and look for signs of complications. If the need arises, he or she will suggest that you have an x-ray. This can help identify symptoms of oral cancer and sources of tooth decay so you can enjoy better oral health.

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