How to Prepare for Your Tooth Extraction

People who experience overcrowding, broken teeth, and other similar oral health problems might seek tooth extraction in Middletown, NY. A tooth extraction can open up space for your teeth to shift into a healthier or more attractive position, which can be particularly helpful before beginning braces treatment. You can make sure the procedure goes smoothly by properly preparing ahead of time. Talk to your dentist or oral surgeon to ask any questions you might have about the procedure, and continue reading for a look at how to prepare yourself leading up to the extraction.

The level of preparation needed before your tooth extraction depends on whether you are having a regular tooth or a wisdom tooth removed. Your dentist may take x-rays or use other imaging techniques to examine your teeth and gums. Be sure to let your dentist or oral surgeon know if you have any medical conditions, even if you don’t think they would affect the procedure. If you are a smoker, refrain from smoking during the day of your tooth extraction. Make sure you take any antibiotics or medications that your dentist prescribes you before your treatment and follow the instructions given to you after the procedure.

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