How to Help a Child with Autism Cope with a Dental Visit

Dental care is important for kids of all ages , but dentist appointments may be challenging for autistic children. Are you planning a visit to your family dentist near Middletown, NY for your child with autism? If so, then read on for some tips to help her cope with her trip to the dental office. autistic - dentist

Meet the Dentist

Choosing the right dentist can be essential when it comes to ensuring a positive experience for your child with autism. First, find a dentist that has experience working with kids and, better yet, one that works successfully on patients with autism. Before your child’s appointment, ask if there are pictures in the office that you can review with your child to help her understand what to expect, speak about any possible challenges or concerns that may come up, and inform him of what hours will work best for your child.

Prepare Your Child

As with all kids, preparing your child for her dentist appointment can help make the event less stressful and more tolerable. First, present your child with a visual guide to dental visits because seeing pictures of children having their teeth examined and cleaned can provide her with an idea of what to anticipate. Also, consider having your child sit in a reclining chair and then teach her how to follow any instructions that her dentist might give, such as opening her mouth and spitting into the sink.

Call in Advance

Having to spend time in reception can make any kid cranky. If you suspect that your child may become anxious in the waiting room if her appointment is delayed, then call the dental office in advance to learn if the dentist is running on schedule. If there will be a wait before the dentist can see your child, then ask the receptionist if you can stay in the car with your child and be called when the dentist is ready. Also, bring along some of your child’s favorite toys to help keep her happy and occupied in case there is a delay.

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