How Does Periodontal Disease Cause Bone Loss?

Periodontal disease is a dangerous and, unfortunately, common condition found around the world. This disease—which can present from mild gingivitis to advanced periodontitis—is usually a result of poor dental care and oral hygiene near Middletown, NY and Walden, NY. Periodontal disease begins as mild inflammation of the gums , but inflammation and infection can soon spread into the teeth roots, connective tissues, and the jawbone. To learn more about how periodontal disease can lead to bone loss, read below.

As inflammation and infection spread throughout the gums and connective tissues, these areas begin to break down. Once the connective tissues have begun breaking and degrading, they cannot be repaired. They can only be managed with professional and aggressive dental care. If the infections are not controlled soon, then they can spread to the teeth and jawbone, eventually eating away at the bone. As teeth decay, they must be removed, and this can also result in bone loss, because the bone no longer has a stable connection. To prevent periodontal disease and future bone loss, speak with a dentist about deep teeth cleanings and daily dental care.

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