The Whys and Hows of Flossing a Toddler’s Teeth

A toddler’s teeth will fall out eventually, but they serve a purpose while they’re still around. That’s why you should help your toddler with dental care in Middletown or Walden, NY. Flossing your child’s teeth comes with certain health benefits, but it also gets him exposed to dental care at a young age. Hopefully, this encourages children to hold onto these habits and take care of their teeth and gums in the future. Knowing how to floss and what kinds of tools to use are both crucial, so read ahead for the whys and hows of flossing a toddler’s teeth.

Why You Should Floss Baby Teeth

You probably don’t know too many adults who still have any baby teeth left, but that doesn’t mean the original teeth don’t play an important role in terms of oral health. In addition to giving infants and toddlers their adorable smiles, baby teeth help carve a path for incoming adult teeth. They’ll also affect your toddler’s gum health. If you let bacteria and food debris build up between your child’s teeth, plaque will start to develop. This plaque can cause tooth decay and even gingivitis, which starts your kids off on the wrong foot and can also come with painful or uncomfortable symptoms. Flossing your toddler’s teeth reduces this risk.

How Flossing Works

It’s best to work from the back to the front when flossing a toddler’s teeth. Aside from that, you can floss your toddler’s teeth just about the same way you’d floss your own. Find a soft, gentle type of floss and be extra careful as you go up and down between neighboring teeth.

Why You Should Use the Right Tools

You need to be extra careful and sensitive when you’re providing dental care for a toddler. Some toddlers are more welcoming and easier to work with, but they can’t do the best job of communicating. They don’t have the ability to pick out their own dental care tools, so you have to do some research and find out what to use. All toothbrushes and floss are different, and some are designed for pediatric dental care.

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