What to Expect When You Haven’t Been to the Dentist in Years

If you’re behind on getting regular dental care, you’re not alone. Patients frequently let a significant amount of time pass between dental cleanings, and then they hesitate to make an appointment because they are worried about how their absence from the dentist’s chair will be perceived. If your care has slipped, the most important first step you can take is to make an appointment for a teeth cleaning in Middletown or Walden, NY. Here is what you can expect when you show up for your appointment.


If it has been several years since your last appointment, your dentist will need to update your medical history. This may involve you filling out paperwork to ensure that your dentist has all of the correct information about your medical conditions and current medications. You will also need to complete paperwork to update your insurance information so that it is as easy as possible for your dental office to file for benefits on your behalf. Be sure to bring your insurance card and list of medications with you so that you have the information you need. If you don’t have insurance, the office can explain your payment options.

Exam and Cleaning

Your dentist will perform a thorough exam and teeth cleaning to restore your oral health. You will likely need X-rays so that your dentist can get an up-close look at any decay or other issues happening with your teeth. If it has been an extended period of time since your last cleaning, you may have a larger than average amount of plaque and tartar on your teeth. Your dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar by scraping it off your teeth, and then he or she will polish your teeth so that they look and feel great.

Treatment Planning

After performing an exam, your dentist will tell you if you have any problems that need to be addressed, such as cavities or gum disease. If so, he or she will work out a treatment plan that works for you. He or she will also help you make your next appointment for a dental cleaning in six months.

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