• FAQs About Invisalign

    If you want to straighten your teeth, you’ll be happy to find that you have more options than ever. Your dental clinic in Middletown, NY will give you different choices for how you want to go about straightening your teeth, and then you and your dentist can work on a treatment plan. Invisalign has become a popular option, as it promises discreet treatment that retains your confidence. The process is unique, but it’s known to be comfortable and flexible . However, you will have to remember to clean your aligners to enjoy optimal results. Here are a few FAQs about Invisalign. Invisalign - teeth

    Is it really invisible?

    The name Invisalign refers to the invisibility of the treatment, but that’s not convincing enough for everyone. The good news is that Invisalign lives up to its reputation. The aligners that you use to adjust the positioning of your teeth are as invisible as they could be, so even your friends and family might not realize that you’re going through orthodontic treatment. This makes this treatment excellent for working professionals as well as anyone who wants to boost their confidence and enjoy better oral health.

    How does the process work?

    In addition to how discreet Invisalign is, it’s also more comfortable compared to other orthodontic treatments. The Invisalign process uses a series of aligners. These are clear plastic trays that represent different stages in your treatment process, and they gradually shift your teeth into place. The first set of aligners you get from the dental clinic will be close to the original positioning of your teeth, but when you finish your last set, you’ll have a whole new smile.

    Do I need to clean my aligners?

    Invisalign repositions your teeth, but it’s still your responsibility to take care of your oral health otherwise. This includes cleaning your aligners. Contaminants like food particles and bacteria can get caught in your trays, which means your teeth will continue to be exposed to them. Talk to your dental clinic about an Invisalign kit and clean your aligners regularly.

  • A Look at the Invisalign Treatment Process

    People who have crooked or overcrowded teeth might find it difficult to practice proper dental care in Middletown, NY, which is one reason they might seek Invisalign treatment . You will first meet with your dental care professional so you can create a custom treatment plan, and then you will receive your first set of aligners. Once you have gone through all of your aligners, practice regular dental cleaning and care to keep your smile in shape. Keep reading for a look at the Invisalign treatment process. Invisalign - braces

    Create A Plan

    Invisalign treatment has been effective for many, but the exact treatment plan varies from person to person. If you want to make the most of your treatment, you and your dental care professional will need to create a treatment plan that is customized just for you. The first step is to meet with your dentist for an initial consultation and examination. At this point your dentist will take a look at your teeth and gums and ask you any relevant questions about your medical health and your history. Then you can work together to outline a treatment plan that makes the most sense for your needs.

    Use Your Aligners

    Whereas braces use brackets and bands, Invisalign uses aligners to correct the position of your teeth. The first set of aligners you receive will be the most similar to your current alignment, and each set you receive after that will appear closer to your desired result. The good news is that these aligners are removable, so you don’t need to leave them in 100% of the time. You can take them out before you eat a meal or brush your teeth, making dental care a much easier process.

    Retain Your Smile

    When you have finished with your final set of aligners, your teeth should look the way you and your dental care professional had projected. If you want to keep your smile looking like this, you’ll need to use your retainer. Wearing your retainer helps to maintain the results of your treatment and let you enjoy your smile for years.

  • Invisalign: The Convenient Choice

    If you are not happy with your smile, but you feel that braces would be too much of a hassle, then consider Invisalign. Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic solution that brings you the transformative power of braces—without the braces! For more information about Invisalign teeth straightening in Middletown, including to find out if you’re a good candidate, contact your family dentistry provider.

    Because Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays to gently coax your teeth into a proper alignment, most people will never even realize you are undergoing treatment. Moreover, since they are completely removable, you do not have to spend extra time brushing or flossing, nor do you have to worry about cutting out any of your favorite foods during treatment. Finally, you will typically only need to see your dentist once every six weeks rather than the once-per-month scheduling that is common with metal braces.

    Family Dentistry in Middletown

  • What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

    If you go to the dentist’s office in Middletown and find out that you may benefit from braces, you will need to prepare to undergo orthodontic treatment. Unlike cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics is concerned with helping you have straighter teeth to improve your oral health. Check out this video if you would like to learn more about orthodontics.

    Your orthodontist is in charge of making sure that your teeth, jaw, and facial muscles are in proper balance. This typically starts with a mouth exam, which is designed to allow dentists and orthodontists to determine where your teeth should ideally lie. In the past, orthodontic devices like braces, wires, elastics, and headgear were often used to help children and teenagers whose teeth were growing in unevenly. Modern orthodontics, on the other hand, is a good fit for all ages. It is no longer uncommon to see an adult with braces, although there are some modern orthodontic treatment options—such as clear braces—that you can barely see at all.

  • The Different Types of Braces

    It was not long ago that your choices for braces in Middletown and elsewhere were limited. Today, however, the industry has developed many new techniques and treatments, and there are now a range of different kinds of braces. Teens and adults alike are now making use of new and improved metal braces as well as clear braces and Invisalign, which all come with a host of unique advantages. Keep reading if you are interested in learning a little bit about the different types of braces.

    Metal Braces
    Braces were once large, bulky, and distracting, which made it difficult to encourage some people to undergo treatment. Today’s metal braces, on the other hand, are much more attractive. Modern metal braces make use of much smaller brackets, so they are less noticeable than in the past. Kids can even choose different colors for their bands and brackets; this makes them feel like they have some influence over their procedure and will allow them to express Braces in Middletown themselves. Modern braces also tend to be more comfortable than they once were, and they have the potential to realign teeth more quickly.

    Clear Braces
    Much like traditional metal braces, clear braces make use of brackets and bands. The difference is that these brackets are made from a clear material that blends in with your teeth, making them more discreet than metal braces.

    Although metal braces are smaller and sleeker than traditional braces, some people are still not sold. If you are looking for an orthodontic treatment that is as discreet as it can be, you may be interested in Invisalign. This treatment makes use of aligners, which are clear, removable plastic trays. The clear plastic is transparent enough that people will typically be unable to tell that you are going through orthodontic treatment at all. Invisalign aligners are also convenient in that they allow you to continue to eat anything you want. Since they are removable, aligners also make it easier to brush and floss your teeth each day.

  • What Are the Benefits of Clear Braces?

    Have you ever heard about clear braces in Middletown or Walden and wondered if they might hold some benefit for you? If you have teeth that are crooked, gapped, overlapping, or simply improperly aligned, the most likely answer is: yes, absolutely! There are two types of clear braces. One is ceramic braces, where the brackets are clear but there is still an arch wire that is visible. The second is Invisalign, where instead of brackets, a series of clear plastic trays are used. Here is a look at the benefits of Invisalign.

    Improved Oral Function
    Teeth that do not line up properly are predisposed to early and uneven wear. They can place undue pressure on the jaw and its joints, leading to TMJ disorder and other complications. Most commonly, however, is the simple wearing away of the teeth themselves, leading to increased sensitivity, greater risk of breakage or decay, and the ultimate need for costly restorations. Clear braces shift teeth into Clear Braces in Middletown their proper alignment, relieving the extra pressure and wear that causes these problems.

    Improved Oral Health
    The act of merely straightening the teeth leads to improved oral health because straight teeth are easier to clean thoroughly and properly. This is true of any orthodontic treatment. Where clear braces stand out, however, is daily oral care during treatment. Unlike traditional braces, clear braces are removable. Whenever you need to eat, brush, floss, or participate in physical activities, you simply take them out and place them in their container until you’re finished. There’s nothing to hinder your brushing and flossing, nothing for food to get stuck in, and nothing that could potentially injure the soft tissues of your mouth.

    Improved Self-Confidence
    The final result of any orthodontic treatment can help to improve your confidence, but what of the time between now and then? With clear braces, you don’t have to be self-conscious about doing something wonderful for your smile. The clear trays are virtually undetectable, so you can go about your daily life free from concern over others seeing your orthodontics instead of you.

  • What Issues Does Invisalign Treat?

    A misaligned smile can cause a myriad of dental issues. Not only can uneven teeth diminish the look of your smile, but also they can heighten the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, enamel erosion, and TMJ issues. So if you suffer from any of the following issues, now is the time to talk with a Middletown cosmetic dentistry expert about Invisalign treatment. Easy and effective, Invisalign can address your misalignment problems and help you have the beautiful and healthy smile you want.

    Crowdedness is a common orthodontic issue. Many people do not have enough space to accommodate all their teeth. As a result, their teeth erupt in a crooked fashion and can cause significant dental problems. When teeth do not have enough space between them, it becomes more difficult to brush and floss their surfaces. In many cases, dentists see higher rates of dental decay and gum disease among patients with this issue. Invisalign , which relies on aligners rather than braces, can shift teeth into better position so that they are straight and suffer from fewer oral health problems.

    Invisalign in Middletown

    Under some circumstances, too much space is the primary concern. Especially when it affects the front teeth, a gapped smile can be a frustrating cosmetic dentistry problem. What some people may not realize is that gapped teeth too can lead to dental decay since food particles and bacteria often have a greater opportunity to cling to teeth and cause damage. With Invisalign treatment, a family dentist can move teeth together to create a healthier and more attractive smile.

    Bite Problems
    If you suffer from an underbite, crossbite, or overbite, your teeth may eventually suffer the effects of early and frequent wear and tear. Proper teeth alignment helps to both achieve a beautiful smile and ensure healthy chewing motion. Bite issues can increase the likelihood of abrasion between teeth, which may result in enamel erosion, chips, and tooth cracks. A poor bite can also place added stress on the jaw joint. Strain on the jaw can then trigger bone and cartilage deterioration, as well as chronic pain and stiffness. To avoid the many problems that bite problems can cause, consult a cosmetic dentist about your Invisalign treatment options.

  • Invisalign: The Smart Choice for Adults

    It is never too late to visit the family dentist to get straighter, more attractive teeth. If you are unhappy with the look of your smile, Invisalign provides an effective solution that can work for people at any age. Keep reading to find out why Invisalign is the best option for adults who are looking to improve their smiles:

    They Are Practically Invisible
    Wearing clunky metal braces as an adult is not an ideal way to straighten teeth. Invisalign aligners are practically invisible, which helps you straighten your teeth without everyone knowing you are doing it. Whether you wear them to the office or to a social gathering, no one will be able to tell unless you tell them. You do not have to feel embarrassed just to get a smile of which you can be proud.

    Invisalign in Middletown

    They Allow You to Eat and Clean Your Teeth Comfortably
    Other teeth-straightening options are affixed to your teeth for the duration of your treatment period, which might limit the kinds of foods you can eat. It also makes it more difficult to clean and care for your teeth. You can easily remove Invisalign aligners before you eat and clean your teeth.

    They Are Comfortable to Wear
    Metal braces have rubber bands and brackets that could poke you in the mouth and cause discomfort. Invisalign aligners are completely comfortable to wear and will never poke your gums. They might feel slightly uncomfortable when you get set up with a new pair, most people report almost no discomfort throughout the entire Invisalign treatment process.

    They Work
    Invisalign aligners are as effective as any other teeth-straightening option. With minimal discomfort, you can correct your spacing issues and get the smile you want. If you are ready to get straighter, more attractive teeth, you should schedule a consultation with a dentist in Middletown to find out if Invisalign can work for you.

  • Why Straight Teeth Are Important

    Having straight teeth is about more than simple aesthetics. Straight teeth are also associated with better dental health. If you have tooth misalignment issues, talk to your dentist in Middletown about your treatment options, including braces and Invisalign . Here are just a few of the reasons why tooth alignment is an important dental health issue.

    Braces Middletown

    Ease of Cleaning
    Good oral hygiene means brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily. When your teeth are crooked or overlap, your hygiene routine may not be as effective as it needs to be. Crowded teeth can be difficult to floss, and overlapping teeth obscure parts of the tooth surface, so a toothbrush can’t reach them. Because you can’t clean your teeth completely when they are not straight, you have a higher risk of developing cavities and gum disease. Straightening your teeth will allow you to more easily protect your oral health.

    Gum Disease Risk
    When teeth are widely spaced or crowded, your gums could be at risk. Gums don’t fit as securely around misaligned teeth, which allows food and bacteria to get stuck in periodontal tissue and cause infections that could lead to tooth loss. When your teeth are straight, the gums hug them snugly, helping to prevent this kind of infection. Because the gums hold the teeth firmly, people with straight teeth are also less vulnerable to tooth loss.

    Digestive Health
    You may not think of calling your dentist about chronic stomach issues, but if you have digestive problems, your teeth could be to blame. When you don’t have straight teeth, it’s more difficult to chew foods completely. As a result, you may swallow pieces of food that are too large or that haven’t been broken down sufficiently by the salvia in your mouth. If your dentist helps you get straighter teeth, your stomach woes may also be resolved.

  • The Advantages of Invisalign

    Invisalign is one of the most popular treatments for straightening teeth because it provides a variety of benefits for patients of all ages. If you and your family dentist decided that it is time to fix your crooked teeth, Invisalign can do it with the following advantages.

    Treatment that Is Practically Invisible
    One of the biggest benefits of using Invisalign is the clear aligner. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign gives you the opportunity to straighten your teeth without anyone else knowing. The aligners are practically invisible, which makes this treatment a great option for anyone from adolescents to adults. Thanks to the clear aligners, you can finally start straightening your teeth without the embarrassment of clunky metal braces.

    Invisalign In Middletown

    Aligners That You Can Remove
    You can remove Invisalign aligners, which means you can take them out whenever you feel the need. You can remove the aligners when you want to eat or clean your teeth. This helps you maintain your oral hygiene while you straighten your teeth to prevent tooth decay, cavities, and periodontal disease. Invisalign helps you get straighter, aesthetically appealing teeth that are healthy and free from cavities.

    Comfortable Treatment That Works
    Other teeth-straightening options like braces might feel uncomfortable, but Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic that does not poke your mouth. Metal braces put you at risk for getting scratched or stabbed from brackets, which could lead to serious infections inside your mouth. Without the brackets, Invisalign aligners will not damage the inside of your mouth. Every few weeks, you will visit your family dentist to get fit for a new set to continue your treatment with minimal discomfort until you can enjoy the straight teeth that you desire.

    If you are interested in straightening your teeth with Invisalign in Middletown, it is important to find a dentist with whom you feel comfortable. Working with an oral health professional that you trust helps you get the best results from your treatment.