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Full Service Dental Care

At Hampton Family Dentistry, we like to think of ourselves as a full-service dental office. We offer a full array of services so that your needs are met right here in our office. This way, we do not have to refer you to other offices, causing you to lose time and money. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care, while educating you on how to care for your teeth at home to prevent any problems in the future.

Our dental services include:

  • General Dentistry: Here at our office, we are able to provide you with exceptional general care, including regular check-ups, X-rays, and cleanings. We can also educate your children on the proper brushing and flossing techniques for better oral health care at home.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: For teeth whitening and smile restoration, we offer incredible cosmetic procedures that are non-invasive and can leave you much happier and self-confident with a straighter, whiter smile. We also offer dental implants.
  • Family Dentistry: We have been serving the needs of Middletown families for over 30 years. We have what it takes to address the unique dental needs of children, adults, and senior citizens.
  • Pediatric Dental: It can be difficult to get your kids to go to the dentist, but here at Hampton Family Dentistry, we specialize in making kids feel comfortable with their dental care and education. We offer early dental care, even as young as for toddlers.
  • Oral Surgery: There are several different reasons that one may need oral surgery. This includes TMJ therapy, the removal of wisdom teeth, and corrective jaw surgery. Our office can handle all these surgeries and more.
  • Periodontics: Caring for our gums is something that can often be forgotten, but is vitally important to the health of our teeth and our mouth. We help patients treat and prevent periodontal disease.
  • Orthodontics: Braces and Invisalign can be very daunting, but we have special methods of making the process as simple and pain-free as possible. If your kids need braces or you are considering Invisalign, talk to us about it during your next visit.

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American Association of Orthodontists American Association of Pediatric Dentistry ADA Association of Maxiofacial Surgeons NYSSOMS

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • All Dentistry Under One Roof
  • Dental Care for the Entire Family
  • Free Orthodontic Consultations
  • We Offer Interest Free Payment Plans
  • Patient Referral Program
  • Both Offices Offer a Courtesty Discount for Senior Patients